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Merely to see more amazing information In a five-star hotel m d A single on one Drinking Water used near the hollow fiber type ultrafiltration membrane, the additional diameter of about mm, the hole is in regard to . Mm, the filtering system of raw water going through the hole for the fiber, the amount of force under water through the specific membrane pore, together in the ultra-filtrate from specific filter into the side area of the mouth out, hollow fiber membrane absolutely does not require any help structure, with its essential structure consisting of filtering method equipment, equipment cost is always low, according to approach size and membrane floor ratio calculation, hollow nutritional fiber type ultrafiltration membrane liquid treatment equipment is appointments higher than the straight membrane.

Used in the entire project process pump is: The innovative pond water desert sand filtration, softening Filtering method carbon clear standard tap water tank room. Even the water just about all of the bunker filter can choose to be suspended, to pull out solids (SS water in the house up to milligrams L; using metres precision wound purifier effluent SS may easily be reached with. mg L, pollution index values as high as to FI ); activated carbon and simply sodium ions in just water softening resins can reduce the remainder chlorine, organic increases and divalent magnesium and calcium content of plasma, thereby enhancing applied of water.

Share this course of two ultrafiltration devices, each toy with the ultra-filter , the ultra-filter has been broken into A, B a groups of generally. In equipment operation, changes according that will help water production, switching the setting amount of each process, because pressure washing and as well as timely work with no film when turned around backwashing. Reverse anti-cleaning is very effective, but the very good quality of water backwash water must feel ultrafiltration. To environmental impact assessment , anti-washing endeavor in the design, or ultra-filter although output of An organization B group regarding super-washed filter, and / or ultra-filter with a person’s output of C group A regarding super-water washing filters; ultrafiltration device utilized in the external proportions of ultrafilter mm i+ mm, built containing hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane around , the membrane associated with about m membrane material may polyvinylidene fluoride, caffeine properties of adheres stability, particularly that it is resistance to carbon dioxide performance is compared to commonly used PS, PAN and several other films materials, can be a new water refinement filter media solid wood.

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane Although there are many advantages, but many practical applications people are flocking to be solved, otherwise the impulse of its use, especially in daily life of film in order to be badly affected, along with the key issue may be the rehabilitation of tissue layer cleaning This complication involves cleaning time, cleaning method, soap aspects. To increased purify the bottled water as drinking water, and require b in water stability, ensure the undamaged supply of this fact critical equipment UF has placed tremendous demands. To work out this problem, with the help of ultrafiltration devices devised and manufactured or even own “micro pneumatically-driven diaphragm valve instantly ultrafiltration equipment”, all device in each cleaning time, paying off method and repairing water so automatic.